Happy birthday, Dad

Today would be the Dead Dad’s birthday, you know, if he hadn’t died last year.

He had always said he was terrified of living his last days with either mental or physical disabilities. So it’s probably a good thing that, in the last few years his memory got so bad he wasn’t really aware of where, or occasionally even who  he was. He had Parkinson’s, in a non-shaking manifestation, which sapped his strength and left him unable to get around the house comfortably. Given his love of walking, this was a cruel blow.

But he always remembered his family, even in the last few days. So, for that we are eternally grateful.

If you have left lost a loved one, take some time on their birthday to remember them, warts and all. Through their passing, you may be able to comprehend better the glorious mystery of God’s love.

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